Telepathic Intuitive, Channel, Empath, and Counselor

Intuitive Diane Maria

On February 21st, 1978, I went to bed an ordinary mother and housewife, and awoke the next morning telepathic! (I lost 20 pounds in 20 days and half my hair fell out). It took some getting used to, and I deeply knew a very Sacred Gift had been bequeathed upon me….

Intuitive Guidance for...

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Grief Due to Unexpected Loss

Diane Maria has comforted grieving parents whose children committed suicide or drug overdosed, as well as innocent children who have suffered tragically violent deaths; facilitating understanding, healing and communication between all parties concerned.

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Counseling with Infertility

Diane Maria has counseled apparently infertile couples and successfully predicted natural conception and birth, even when fertility specialists had diagnosed them as unable to conceive. She is capable of communicating with the unconceived children whose Spirit Destiny it is to be conceived.

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All Walks of Life

Diane Maria's Hindu friends describe her as a “Mystic Christian," and her Native American friends as an “Eagle Spirit”. She is also a traditionally ordained minister.