The Fleur-de-Lis is the symbol of the lily and represents Eternal Life.

Blessedly Gifted Intuitive Since 1978

Diane Maria has been a blessedly gifted Intuitive Consultant since 1978. She is telepathic, empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. As an empath, she can sense auras, energies and thoughts clairsentiently by feeling them; clairaudiently by hearing them; and clairvoyantly by “seeing” what is shown.

This Sacred Gift has engendered a close association with the Ascended Masters**, Who have been magnificent in sharing their Wisdom and Illustrious Experiences, to teach her the Use of this Sacred Gift. She is able to assist people of all faiths, non-faiths and walks of Life.

This Gift has taught her to “read” the subconscious mind as it relates to, and affects, the conscious mind and physical well-being of the individual. She receives many referrals from ministers and medical professionals. This Gift has given her insights that have been proven effective in assisting and healing physical ailments, which also affect and are affected by the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies as well. 

Numerous times, she has been given life-saving insights and premonitions which prevented imminent danger and death from illness,  premeditated homicide and suicide, mass murders, assassination conspiracies, domestic violence, etc.; pre-empting these incidents by providing appropriate and timely intervention.

She has counseled apparently infertile couples and successfully predicted natural conception and birth, even when fertility specialists had diagnosed them as unable to conceive. She is capable of communicating with the unconceived children whose Spirit Destiny it is to be conceived.

She has comforted grieving parents whose children committed suicide or drug overdosed, as well as innocent children who have suffered tragically violent deaths; facilitating understanding, healing and communication between all parties concerned.

Diane uses conversational dialogue and light to deep transcendence during sessions. She facilitates inter-dimensional understanding through the Divine Consciousness. (She therefore might not remember what was said during her transcendence).

She can assist you in your decision making process, your Spiritual Path; healing and clearing; relationships; careers; transitions; relocation; real estate; business ventures; pets, etc.

Her clientele includes people of all faiths, non-faiths, and walks of life. Her Hindu friends describe her as a “Mystic Christian,” and her Native American friends as an “Eagle Spirit.” She is also a traditionally ordained minister.